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World is real, ...isn´t ist?

Think the matter over,

is there realy Dover?

Is your name reality?

Is Munich down in Germany?

Is Russia biggest state in World?

Is the war a goddests fault?

And in Rome is there a Pope?

Can you see real world in globe?

This is just what men had done:

It is like this and old is gone!

But, is what you see a fact?

Was Galileo Galiei in fact correct?

Or was the very church instead?

Is your ancestor real dead?

Does the trees spring out of seeds?

Is it the fault of the soft weeds,

which you use to have for pillow,

that yours is given headache as fellow?

Or was is that you thought the world for real

and your thoughts moved just like Fortunas Wheel?

With no chance to have at `luck` a resting `crack`

and to get: the world´s just lack...?



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